28th Kingswood Scout Group



Below is a list of all our news entries past and present.

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Subject Date Posted
Executive Committee Tue 18th Oct 2016
Jumble Sale Success Tue 18th Oct 2016
Spring 2016 Jumble Sale Fri 29th Apr 2016
Nigel Day Competition Thu 22nd Oct 2015
Facebook Thu 22nd Oct 2015
October Jumble Sale Thu 22nd Oct 2015
Spring Jumble Sale Sun 26th Apr 2015
Ten Tors Wed 4th Feb 2015
Nigel Day Competition Fri 24th Oct 2014
Autumn Jumble Sale Mon 20th Oct 2014
Spring 14 Jumble Sale Sat 10th May 2014
Scout Community Week Sat 10th May 2014
Queen Scout Award Fri 29th Nov 2013
Autumn Jumble Sale Sun 20th Oct 2013
Ten Tors Tue 14th May 2013
Snow Fri 18th Jan 2013
Family Camp Mon 2nd Jul 2012
Jubilee Party in the Park Mon 2nd Jul 2012
Spring Jumble sale Sun 29th Apr 2012
Downend Village Fair Wed 25th Apr 2012
New Scout Leaders Thu 2nd Feb 2012
Adult volunteers Wed 14th Dec 2011
At Bristol Event Sun 6th Nov 2011
Jumble Sale Total Sun 6th Nov 2011
Summer camp Fri 9th Sep 2011
Beavers Balloons Tue 17th May 2011
Ten Tors Tue 17th May 2011
Jumble Sale Sun 3rd Apr 2011
Xmas Fayre Thu 2nd Dec 2010
Jumble Sale Sun 17th Oct 2010
Star Radio Sun 17th Oct 2010
Star Radio Wed 11th Aug 2010
Star Radio Thu 17th Jun 2010
Jumble Sale Fri 5th Mar 2010
Electrical Safety Fri 5th Mar 2010
First Aid Training Fri 5th Mar 2010
Cubs Cancelled Wed 13th Jan 2010
Ten Tors Training Sat 9th Jan 2010
Happy New Year Sat 9th Jan 2010
Gift Aid Sun 29th Nov 2009
Xmas Fayre Sun 29th Nov 2009
Beavers and Cubs Sleepover Mon 16th Nov 2009
Remembrance Day Mon 16th Nov 2009
Executive Committee Thu 15th Oct 2009
AGM Thu 15th Oct 2009
Jumble Sale result Sun 27th Sep 2009
Centenary Photos Wed 16th Sep 2009
Message from Phil Criddle Sun 13th Sep 2009
Centenary Day Sun 13th Sep 2009
Centenary Day Thu 10th Sep 2009
New Scouting Term Tue 8th Sep 2009
Centenary at Woodhouse Sun 7th Jun 2009
Jumble Sale Thu 30th Apr 2009
Centenary Open Day Thu 26th Mar 2009
Centenary Event Mon 23rd Feb 2009
Heart Appeal Sat 21st Feb 2009
New Year Tue 6th Jan 2009
40 Years Award Wed 24th Dec 2008
Xmas Fair Thu 4th Dec 2008
Investiture Fri 14th Nov 2008
Remembrance Parade Fri 14th Nov 2008
Bonfire Party Fri 14th Nov 2008
Jumble Sale Fri 14th Nov 2008
Camp August 2008 Wed 17th Sep 2008
New Flag Pole Thu 10th Jul 2008
Recent Jumble Sale Total Mon 28th Apr 2008
February Report Sun 24th Feb 2008
Welcome to 2008! Wed 2nd Jan 2008
Leaders Xmas Party Mon 3rd Dec 2007
Xmas Craft Fayre Totals Mon 3rd Dec 2007
Xmas Craft Fayre Fri 23rd Nov 2007
Fireworks Night Tue 6th Nov 2007
Beaver Sleepover Sun 4th Nov 2007
Jumble Sale totals! Sun 14th Oct 2007