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Recent Jumble Sale Total - Mon 28th Apr 2008

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The cash has been counted and we collected £1265 from our Jumble Sale, held on 26h April. There is more to come from the sale of the unsold clothing to a recycling company and a few items have been advertised on ebay. This is a brilliant result, many thanks to the large number of parents and of course the Leaders and Executive committee who helped. As explained before, our Jumble Sales help us to maintain the subscriptions to a reasonable level. This is even more important with increasing inflation and costs. Despite the support we received, some parents were noticeably absent which is disappointing and we hope to see them at our next event in October.
P.S. We have since received a cheque for £52 from Bristol Textiles for the leftover clothing which they will recycle. Martin has also sold some items on ebay and I understand has earned at least another £200.