28th Kingswood Scout Group



Hi all,
My name is Andy Collier, simply "Collier" to my mates. As you are no doubt aware by now I've stepped up to take over the role of Akela at the 28th Kingswood Group. On that note I'd like to thank Phil Criddle for all the time and effort he has put into the role of Akela during the long time that he has held the position. I'd like to wish him well for the future and hope his latest Scouting role as GSL is as successful as his time as Akela. I'd also like to thank Marie for her continuing support during this transition period. Also I wish to welcome Kat and Em to the team, both are very good friends of mine, they bring with them a great deal of enthusiasm and experience to their roles! Welcome aboard!

A bit about me, I've been involved with the 28th on and off since I was a Beaver approx 15yrs ago. I passed through the group, becoming a Cub and then a Scout. Once I was too old to be a Scout I left the general group for a spell, helping out occasionally when I received a phone call. I did however, represent the group about six times at the annual Ten Tors Event held on Dartmoor. Once I turned 15 I returned to the group and started helping out at the Cub's evenings, including going on many enjoyable, memorable camps. Over the next few years I also started to help out with the Scouts, and aided the Quarter-Master with his duties. Then it was time for another break as I headed off to Plymouth University to Study Civil and Coastal Engineering. During this time I stayed as closely involved in the group as I possibly could, helping at events such as Ten Tors and other camps. During my last two years of university it wasn't possible for me to help out much as I worked away in Scotland for nearly 18months solid, then returned to university for my Final most important year. I graduated about a year ago with a high 2:1 with honours. Following graduation I returned to Scotland, and then in November of last year I made the decision that I'd had enough and it was time to return to the people and activities that I love and hold so dear.

In my role as Akela I hope to encourage the Cubs to develop and grow as individuals, passing onto them basic rules and skills as I have been taught, preparing them in some way for their lives ahead.

I can't wait till August when our Summer Camp is planned and look forward to many an enjoyable, active evening at the HQ and in the local area. That's me condensed into a paragraph or two, if anyone has any questions feel free to approach me at the appropriate time!

Yours in Scouting
Andrew W Collier. ( Akela)